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About DMA

It was a great drive and dream of the Malayalees in Detroit and neighboring suburbs to have an association whose main objective is that of preserving and maintaining the culture and heritage of Kerala. This craving led to the inception of Detroit Malayalee Association (DMA) about 30 years ago.Every year, DMA conducts numerous programs and activities for our community’s well being and its progress. We try to preserve the malayalee tradition and culture through the activities and events we conduct. The Association provides opportunities and encourages its members to participate. It also provides a forum for the Malayalees residing in Detroit and neighboring areas to meet and exchange views and also to foster their friendship, goodwill, moral, social, educational, literary, artistic and cultural heritage.
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DMA's Malayalam Class

DMA's weekly Malayalam classes are taught by a group of DMA volunteers. Classes are held in various locations such as Canton and Troy. If you or your kid is interested in learning Malayalam and to learn more about Kerala, then call us or email us for more information.

MalayalamTutor.com is a companion website for DMA's weekly Malayalam class. Our primary goal is simple. To teach Malayalam to our kids living in different suburbs of Michigan. With the everyday busy schedules, parents usually do not get time to teach their kids Malayalam. This site is not only for kids. This site can be used by anybody who has a will to learn malayalam. Start learning by clicking your favorite links on this page.

Learn to write in malayalam from the basic level: Use our animated alphabets screen which will show you in details to write the malayalam letters. Use our malayalam to english conversion page, so you can write in manglish and see the results in malayalam. This is a great way to learn malayalam language.

Go to the malayalam words page where you can learn small malayalam words and the pronunciations. Click the speaker icon to hear the pronunciation. You can download malayalam language learning materials and you are always welcome to come back anytime and refresh your malayalam language skills.

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